Top Affiliate Programs in 2021

If you are having a blog website, then you need to know how will you generate the income. There are many ways to monetize your website. But, one good way is affiliate marketing. That’s why you need to know what are the top affiliate programs going to be in 2021.

Sure, many bloggers have struggled to make money through their blogs. Before, affiliate marketing used to work like a charm. People made good money from it. That’s why those who had an early start are still making good money through affiliate marketing. And now, they are having the flexibility to diversify their service offerings. Moreover, are making a good deal with early affiliate sales.

Yet, if you give time, and work with patience, then you could also make good money out of your affiliate links.

But let’s first understand what is affiliate marketing, before getting into the top programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is putting affiliate links along with your content. So, when a visitor clicks on that link and makes a buy. And after then you will get a small commission of the deal.

It is not necessary that you can only put the affiliate links in your blogs. You can put it in any kind of digital content that you own. For instance, in social media posts, or in the description of your YouTube video, etc.

How to get an affiliate link

Although, any kind of business can give you an affiliate link generated for you if you request. But we also need to make sure that the product we are referring to should have a fair amount of demand. And also, must be relatable to your reader.

For example, you cannot put an affiliate link of ‘gardening tools’ in a blog about ‘how to make your 1st sale with affiliate’. The affiliate link also should of the service/product related to the content topic.

Hence, it’s a good idea, that you start putting the affiliate links of known platforms and products. The platforms already have a good brand image in the market.

I have compiled a list of affiliate programs that you can try. Which has given a good result to the other affiliate marketer, who is already making good money.

Top Affiliate Programs

These are not arranged in sequential order. It’s that one program could give good results for some, and some another could suit better. You need to find yours, by the trial-and-error method.

Amazon Associate

amazon associates
amazon associates

It is a big marketplace. Every second a new product is being added to the platform. And with such a strong brand name, you do not scare-away your leads if you promote amazon products.
Amazon has millions of products to choose from. Furthermore, the best part about the Amazon affiliate program (i.e., Amazon Associate) is, even after clicking your affiliate link if the user doesn’t buy your product, but buys some other product from the platform, you will still get your commission.



This affiliate program is considered popular among affiliate marketers. It is made for affiliate marketers. And, has more than 6 million digital products to offer.
ClickBank is also known for its high paying commissions and reliable payouts.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

fiverr affiliate
Fiverr affiliate

It is known for its $5 gigs. On Fiverr, you will find all sorts of service providers, from artwork to consultation. Moreover, Fiverr is one of the biggest digital service marketplaces. And you can promote these services through their affiliate program. There is no referral limit and you will get lifetime attribution.


shopify affiliate program
affiliate program

It is the market leader in the eCommerce Platform. Many niche retailers and bloggers start their online store through Shopify. That’s why Shopify is one of the most trusted eCommerce brands. You can join their affiliate program to promote its SaaS platform. And, can make as much as $500 to $2000 with just one referral.

eBay Partners

eBay Partner
eBay Partner

This affiliate program works the same as Amazon’s Associate. Therefore, the process of becoming an eBay Partner is quite simple and fast. You just need to sign up for the Partner, and then you can start promoting any item on its platform in no time.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate
CJ Affiliate

It was previously known as Commission Junction is an affiliate marketplace, like Clickbank. CJ Affiliate is one of the oldest and prestigious lots. Here you will find thousands of valuable products to promote and sell. That’s why this platform is not for beginner affiliate marketers.
And it’s not easy to become a member of CJ Affiliate. To get accepted as a member you need to have a good amount of traffic, and even after being a member, you need to adhere to strict rules and conditions.



It is also one of the old affiliate programs and also it has one of the largest affiliate networks. The website design looks a little bit outdated but lacks nowhere in functionality. And, it is also supported by some big brands and has a rich network of merchants.



This affiliate program is one of the leading eCommerce stores. And, its affiliate program also works the same as Amazon’s. Moreover, it is also endorsed by big brands. So, without any difficulty, you can promote their items.

AccuWeb Hosting


Accuweb hosting affiliate
Affiliate marketing

A leading name in the website hosting industry – AccuWeb Hosting must be on the list of any affiliate marketer.

Their commission rates go up to $200 for each sale, and with their new commission module, you can earn an additional PPC-based commission for referring visitors to their website. In addition, you can get access to their promotional material and training videos by joining the affiliate program.


It doesn’t matter if you are starting late, and you are having doubts. Yes, it’s true, that the web has changed many folds. But with hard work and consistency, you can crack this tough nut.

You just need to upload your content regularly. Ease down your content creation process. Write down a good plan, about how will create the content and how will find new topics for the content.

But make sure not to write about outdated topics. The topics that are not relevant. Always be on the hunt for the new trend in your niche. And along the way also help others as well with your content.

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