4 Amazing Ways to Instantly Increase Your Blog Traffic

Do you really want to boost your blog traffic? if yes, then in this article you will get to know 4 ways to Increase Blog Traffic. Increasing blog traffic is a major struggle for a beginner and an expert blogger.

And let’s check it, It’s a never-ending process. You need to work in order to increase blog traffic constantly. While traditional methods of bringing blog traffic are your primary tools for gaining quality traffic. There are some other methods that can double your blog traffic if used effectively.

1) Internal Linking.

If I tell you In simple words, internal linking means to link to another page/post on the same blog.

there are 2 benefits of Internal linking:

  1. It’s an amazing process for SEO.
  2. It minimizes the bounce rate of your website.

It must have happened to you. You visit a blog via Pinterest, Google Search Results, Facebook, etc. to read a post. Then you click on a link mentioned in that post and start reading a flip-side post of the same blog.

The content is so engaging and helpful that you alimony on clicking through the links and reading the mentioned posts. And then you realize that it’s been half an hour and you are still on that blog reading the 10th or 11th post. That’s the power of internal linking.

If the content is good, the reader might moreover end up subscribing to your newsletter or pursuit you on some social media platform. In this way, because of internal linking, you gained a new loyal reader for your blog.

so try to make it a habit to add internal links to all your posts daily. Whenever you write a new post, add relevant links to older posts. Once the newly post is published, go through the old posts, and add a link to this new post wherever eligible.

2) Guest Posting

Guest posting means to write a blog post for some other blogger’s blog/website. In return, you would receive a link back to your blog.

Guest posting is considered one of the weightier methods for tower backlinks. That is the Reason guest posting is the most popular SEO practice. However, withal with towers backlinks and establishing you as valid in your niche, guest posting moreover helps in driving quality traffic to your blog.

If your guest post gets published on a good and reputed blog website, that has a similar niche to yours, this post would start bringing traffic to your blog website too. The readers of the blog (for which you have written the guest post) would start clicking through to your blog.

With the help of quality content, these new readers would stick to your blog either by subscribing to your newsletter or by pursuit you on some social media platform.

3) Viral Content Bee.

Viral Content Bee is a social media platform. Which is helping users to promote their content to their target audience easily. It is a marketing tool offering a wide variety of features that will uplift any social media campaign.

You can create a self-ruling account. After creating an account, start submitting your blog posts. This is based on a track system. The increasingly you share other posts, the increasing prominence your posts are going to receive. In short, you share some other blogger’s posts and some bloggers would share your posts.

If you like this platform and if your blog posts start receiving a decent number of shares, you can upgrade your worth to get increasingly credit points and the largest analytics.

The full-length I like the most is that you don’t have to share any and every niche post published on Viral Content Bee. The posts are divided into proper niche sections. This is quite salubrious as you would be sharing only those posts that vest to your niche.

4) Subscriber.com 

Subscriber.com is a service that can be used to increase your blog traffic with the help of push notifications for web and mobile.

It is an amazing tool that can be used to bring people to your blog. So, here’s how this works-

Whenever someone would visit your blog, they would see a small pop up like this, Once the person subscribes to get notifications, he/she will receive a browser notification whenever they are online.

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