Why Apple’s iPhone 13 Seriesis Expected To Be More Expensive?

Everyone gets excited when it comes to apple’s new launching every year. Everyone knows that Apple’s new series is going to be iPhone 13 Series. For which people have been excited for so long. So, the approaching iPhone 13 is going to be pricier than in the past. The increase in chip production cost is seemingly the main reason for the rise in the budget. Thus, Apple might sell its mobile phones at a higher price than before. Preparing them for a chip deficiency. Let’s know Why Apple’s iPhone 13 Series is Expected To Be More Expensive?

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is Apple’s one of biggest suppliers. It is expected that TSMC may raise the cost of chip production by 20%. This is going to be a huge problem for its client’s which include Apple. It directly will affect the purchase from Apple’s customers. As the price is about to go high.

Apple’s iPhone 13 will be more costly? But Why?
Apple’s New iPhone 13 Series will be more costly? But Why?

It is not still announced by Apple that when the new pricing shall come. But most probably I will come into effect at the beginning of January 2022. Which is not so far. Still, it is expected that Apple will do something to prevent its huge loss. They will somehow minimize the effect on the profits. For the same, they could price their mobile phones in a way that would not affect the profits.

TSMC is going to advance its technology and manufacturing process. So that they could mature their productions. This is such a reason for which Apple will have to increase its sales price. As mentioned before this new pricing will come into effect from January 2022. Yet it is expected that orders scheduled for December might get affected by the spike.

Among all the customers, Apple is one of the biggest customers of TSMC. Apple is one of the biggest accounts also of TSMC for over 20% of the company’s revenue from TSMC’s chips. Due to this, Apple will spike up its new series iPhone 13’s price by 3 to 5%.

People always wonder how Apple’s new series would look like. The same has been seen this year also. But is it expected that the upcoming iPhone 13 series might not come with a huge change in the entire design? Though, Apple will install a couple of new amazing features in the iPhone 13 series. It includes ProRes support for videos and portrait mode. Plus, the batteries in all the mobile phones will get larger than the previous ones.


Features that iPhone 13 series to get

The iPhone always provides a new and unique feature in its new mobile phones. The upcoming iPhone 13 series is supposed to get such new features. It may include new camera features, new filters, and portrait mode for videos.

  1.  A portrait mode for videos

The first one is expected to be a portrait mode. Now, users easily can take broader videos through portrait mode for videos. The video quality will get higher will dubbed ProRes format. 

  1. New Filters

Users get excited when they find new and amazing filters in their mobile phones. So, a bunch of new filters will be added to the iPhone 13 series. Those will help users to explore the aesthetic effects and more. 

Apple’s iPhone 13 will be more costly? But Why?
Apple’s New iPhone 13 Series will be more costly? But Why?
  1. Overall Performance

Apart from all these features, the overall productivity and performance will also be improved by Apple. 

  1. Mobile Size

All the mobile phones from iPhone 13 series will be released in 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches. The designs will be released similar to iPhone 12.

Under the hood, you’ll get a relatively faster A15 Bionic chip. You’ll also get a better screen, smaller notches, and updated screen tech for a faster, smoother refresh rate, which many buyers missed out on in the latest version of the iPhone.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has emphasized that the Pro phones in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max can get the 120Hz high refresh rate panel that Apple users have been craving for some time. Unfortunately, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will continue to impact the 60Hz OLED panel.

Apple’s iPhone 13 will be more costly? But Why?
Apple’s iPhone 13 will be more costly? But Why?

Another leak suggests that this year’s iPhone Pro models are expected to get a much smaller notch, and some leaks even indicate that they may be equipped with perforated screens. As always, treat these leaks with a little salt, as the end result may be completely different.

So, what do you think? Will Apple’s new iPhone 13 series stand from all the previous series? Share yours in the comment section.