How to create a habit- Part 1

As time goes, I realize that time is what we have. The only thing we get when we born we get the time. We say we don’t have time, I argue on that point. We have only time. No other things in this world are free. 

For many years I read many motivational thoughts of morning routines, daily exercise, or yoga meditation. All the successful people do those. They have kind of rather various routines.

I tried to follow many of those but failed to gain momentum. I subscribed to the GYM for one year. You wouldn’t believe I went to the gym for only 15 days and not a regular streak.

After that, I choose to run on the ground in the open park. I worked very hard for that. That is the problem. I tried very hard. I pushed myself for running to the extent. It is not like that I didn’t go running. I used to run for 2 miles (3km)per day. Again that is the threshold and I stopped running due one or another reason.

Create a habit which never fades
Create a habit that never fades

I created many to-do lists. I tried to follow daily routines.

Found that what I did was just the creation of the to-do list. Many and many pages I wrote for a daily schedule like waking up to the sleeping time what should I do.

Nothing worked for me.

Sure thing is that I created Goal but didn’t stick to achieve it. I missed it.

That was the story of almost everyone who tries to do something in his life.

All the big things come from small beginnings

James Clear

Found a solution

One of the best books I read is Atomic Habits by James Clear.

In the continuum of these kinds of activities suddenly I found one very successful miracle in my life.

It is the atomic habit creation. Or you can name it small habit creation or you can call it perseverance.

I didn’t set the hardcore goal. My physical fitness and body is my first target.

I created a very small target for each day for exercise at home. Below were my milestones,

Building small habits
Building small habits

Every morning I needed to wake up at any time and I needed to do just one-day exercise. I didn’t think of tomorrow or the day after 21 days.

It was a miracle and I did complete my whole challenge.

After that, I continue to do this last day’s exercise every day.

  • 40 Pushup
  • 1 min plank
  • 30 Jackknife situps

The goal is not completing something. The goal is consistency.

Consistency was my goal. So was achieved. Then I added some new flavors into this set.

  • 40 Pushups
  • 60-sec plank
  • 30 Jackknife Situps


  • 3 Min Kapalbhati
  • 3 Min Anulom Vilom
  • 10 Min Shavasana

Without any resistance from my body and mind. I successfully achieved it also.

Still, I had been adding many things in my daily morning routine set and finding it done every morning- How to create a habit- Part 2

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