Rat Race- Let’s change the way we work

Rat Race
You always wait for the paycheck day/salary day. Every month we wait for the end so that we would get money from our employer.  This is the trap of the rat race. We are the rat who is racing for the paycheck and ultimately happiness.
Do you think how many months we wasted like this? How many months do we need to do this? Are you satisfied with the months you have completed for your employer? Will it be helpful to take a vacation of 3 months to any exotic island?
After CoVID-19, It shows us that the constant brain-damaging jobs we have been doing for a long time. It is not capable of getting over 3 months of lockdown also.
Our employers are not supporting us in this situation. They have earned a lot of money from our work.
We spent long-lasting nights at the office when our beloved client faces some problem. There is no one who is for our problem. Still, we are not worthy enough for 3 months of salary.
It’s time for us to awake. It’s time for us to ask for proper money from our employer. It’s time for us to get the reward that we have done till now.
To do so, there is only one way- Unity. Let’s unite and show them that without us you are nothing.
Let’s ask more about the job you are doing. Don’t accept any jobs with a lower amount. If everyone will do this then definitely they will give you your worth.
Companies are not our children. We are their children so they should take care of us, not vice versa.
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