Top 5 Most Difficult Musical Instrument In The World

What are the musical instruments?

Musical instruments are devices fabricated or invented to play different musical sounds.
It is an apparatus, gadget, or equipment used to produce music.
We can find the origins of musical instruments as a hypothesis.
No one can say for certain how musical instruments came into existence.
Although they are believed to date as far back as the pre-historic humans who lived as far back as history can tell.
Musical instruments have evolved over time. None can determine the history of some instruments.


 top musical instrument hard to play                                    top musical instrument hard to play

Now driving into the main purpose of this article, I bring you the list of the most difficult musical instruments to play in the world.

Difficult Musical instrument to play


violin top hard instrument to play

The violin is the smallest musical instrument among the family of string instruments.
Yet it produces the loudest pitched sound among all string instruments.
The violin is a small instrument that has four strings with notes D4, A4, G3, and E5.
This instrument is played by dragging a bow across the arranged strings that are tightened until they form a taut.
The four-stringed musical instrument was first played in Italy in the 16th century. The violin has a good similarity to the cello and the viola.

violin top hard instrument to play              violin top hard instrument to play

To play the violin you have to place your hand under the chin while moving your arms up and down.
Although this looks cool and the pain will begin to pop up the moment you begin to play for a long period.
Playing the violin causes a lot of pain, especially in the neck and backbone due to the elongated time playing in an uncomfortable position.
So this is the one from the Top 5 Most Difficult Musical Instrument In The World.

the french horn                             the french horn

The number two on our list is a brass instrument with the name “French Horn”.
This musical instrument originated in Europe.
In the 17th century in France, this name is first used.
The origin of the name ‘horn’ was in France and Germany.
It was chosen from the hunting horn used in these two countries in the 16th century.
If you have a passion for learning musical instruments, this one isn’t a good one to start.
The reason behind this is the difficulty in using it to produce sound.

the french horn                            the french horn

Due to plenty of partials, This is very difficult to play.
There are plenty of partials found in this one than any other brass musical instruments or percussion
The closeness of the High note to each other is a delicate problem to be recognized.
While attempting to play the instrument as it is easy to crack a note by missing the step.
Funnily, for a player to play the instrument, they must learn how to move their lips in a specific way.
It honestly sucks for a new player to start the musical instrument training with the French Horn
  1. The Oboe:

the obeo                                 the obeo

The Woodwind musical instrument known as “Oboe” is the third on our list of the most difficult musical instrument in the world.
The Oboe has a strong similarity with the clarinet.
A new music player or layman will mistake the Oboe for a Clarinet.
But the fact is that the difference is in the complexity of playing the Oboe. 
The Oboe is traditionally made of wood.
Although some other sound enhancement material can be added during the making.

the obeo                                          the obeo

The difficulty experienced in playing the Oboe includes,
  1. Physical challenges associated with breathing.
  2. One requires a lot of strength to produce an awesome sound.
This one has secured in the list of Top 5 Most Difficult Musical Instrument In The World.
  1. The Harp:

harp musical instrument                            harp musical instrument

The fourth one on our list is “The Harp”.
One can play this instrument by striking its strings with the fingers.
A bow is not required to produce a sound with the string.
Harps are difficult to play due to the number of strings present on a single Harp.
The string is within the range of 40-47 string with each producing different pitches and sounds when struck with the fingers.
You must familiarize yourself with the sound of each of the strings to learn this musical instrument.
The finger and hand movement is another reason. Due to which many people get discouraged to learn a musical instrument.
Since they need to use both arms and legs while playing.

These actions are quite scary and tiring.
To play the Harp brilliantly requires an excellent teacher, determination, and a lot of consistent training.
So, whenever you see anybody playing the Harp excellently you should understand and respect the fact that such a person has gone through a lot of training, study, and pain.
  1. The Piano:

piano musical instrument piano musical instrument

The piano is number five on the list. We can play the piano by pressing levers with the fingers making the strings struck by the hammers.
Many do not realize that there is a difference between the Piano and the Keyboard. Because they share some surprising differences.
The Piano does not necessarily need electricity or any form of power supply to produce sound.
While the Keyboard can never produce a sound without the availability of electricity.
Yes, some Pianos do must need electricity to function, but still, they are not to be mistaken for the keyboard.

The Piano is bigger than the Keyboard.
The Piano requires a large deal of dexterity. As the cramming of one’s finger movement is essential for anyone that loves to become an excellent pianist.
Another thing is that both hands are required for better sound production.
Also, the piano tunings are only capable to be done accurately by the pianist that knows his structuring.
The tuning or the Piano takes a huge time and may result to be effortless if not tuned the proper way.

        piano musical instrument

Anyone needs patience, determination, persistence, and perseverance to learn this musical instrument.
Playing the piano is no big deal since anyone can produce a sound by striking a key on the piano board.
But the ability to produce a lovely sound continuously is the real deal.
This proves the pain and practice such a Pianist might have gone through to meet that level.
You will be disappointed if you are in a hurry to learn this instrument.
Or if you feel you can understand the process of playing the Piano in a jiffy.

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Definitely, we can say that this is also one of  the Top 5 Most Difficult Musical Instrument In The World.


Every instrument requires a lot of effort, determination, perseverance, and pain to learn.
As there is no instrument too easy to be learned when a short period or in a very easy and simple way.
It takes a lot more than a short time to understand how these instruments are being played.
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