Do you hate your job? Start loving your job!

Do you hate your job? Do you think every morning that I should not be doing this?  I think most of the employees think that they are not fit for this job.

They can do better if they are doing something else. But it is not the solution. You need to start loving your job.

There are many typical same types of answers you can find on the internet like below,

  • Start doing a side hustle
  • Doing the meditation
  • Find your dream company
  • Do this and do that
  • Blah blah blah

It is great if you find the solutions by using one of those then no other thing in the world can stop you from getting what you want.

But I have something different in my mind. We always think about the negative points for our current job or current situation. Why don’t we think about the positive?

Positive work environment
Positive work environment

Why do you hate your job?

The people who are happy at work focus more on the positive aspects of their job more than negative ones.

No job is perfect here in this world. The only thing is your attitude. It is not the outer environment. It is your inner world.

Face the not enjoyable moments at the job with a smile. That is the only thing that can save you. This is not a workaround. This is the solution. Face off with a smile.

You can always find motivation using the famous saying by these gentlemen.

You don’t like to communicate with other team members, don’t curse it. Do it with a smile. Do it like it is the only job you have to do.

You don’t like to do follow up, do it first. Then enjoy the rest of the time of the day with the feeling that you have won for the day.

You don’t like to do something do it first and with a smile on the face or smile in the mind.

Don’t complain again and again about a task that you don’t like.




Someone reading above can say that you also say the same bullshit like on the internet, on the blogs.

I have one more little exercise for you.

15 Points why you love your job

List down 15 points why you love or why you like the current job.

Minimum 15 points are necessary because you are trying to find the good things about the current job. It is good, isn’t it?

These are different activities and you are trying to find good things and your mind will oppose that no we don’t have any good points but it’s not true. Defeat your mind and abstain to think about negative points.

Some of the 15 Points of mine:

  1. Location of the job. (City, Area, State anything)
  2. Flexible work hours in the office which is a very good point.
  3. I am free to do any kind of research in terms of technology in my space.
  4. My image in the office or current company is good or more than good.
  5. My Chairperson directly talks to me on the phone.
  6. The Director of my office thinks I can do a lot of good work.
  7. My team members are very good and supportive.
  8. My office provides lunch and dinner.
  9. If I do good work then surely I will get the credit.
  10. I can make good contacts by working in this office.

I have not written all of the points but it is enough for readers to understand what I am saying.

Now on each day before going to work or before starting the work read the list you have created. Start the list by saying,

I love this job because


We can either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

George Mumford
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