The Money Balance Theory- Part 1

This is a completely new theory in this chaotic world. I have named it The Money Balance Theory.

Relax, nothing is in our control.

Lord Buddha
Relax Nothing is in our control
Relax Nothing is in our control

Does it mean we should not work hard to getting something? We should keep all things as it is? No, It doesn’t mean that.

We should follow the karma rule of Geeta. We should be doing KARMA. We should not expect the result of our karma. That is the crux of this world.

Sometimes this ethic of karma is not acceptable by many. They argue that nothing in this world is impossible. We should work and we should accept it. Yeah, that is right. But the point is nothing is in your control.

When I was earning 26k/month at that time my saving was 10k/month. The expenses were of rent, transport, food and sometimes movies with friends. No other expenses.

I grew in terms of income to 40k/month. Still, my saving was less than 10k/month. The expenses were rent, transport, food, clothes. My habits got changed. I started to buy branded clothes.

I started to eat at somewhat good restaurants. I was spending more in short.

Cash Flow In and out
Money Inflow and outflow

I switched to a new company after 3 years but needed to relocate to a more expensive city. My salary increased but so does the living cost in new cities.

There all things were expensive like rent, food, vegetables, transportation, and my other expenses like drinking cocktails, having dinner in posh restaurants. My salary increased to 60k/month. But still, my saving was less than 10k/month.

This thing happens on and on. Right now if I am earing 4 times more than what I earned in the starting but still I have a balance of 6k in my savings account at the end of the month.

The reason I have a lot of expenses with the growth of the family. I invest in SIP every month. I bought a home on home loan and paying EMI for every month.

I bought a car also but on a loan. I had to get a personal loan for one medical treatment also. Now I am wearing only branded clothes which are 10times expensive than what I used to wear earlier.

Money outflow
Money outflow

My point is The balance of the money is the same. No matter what I earn Something always comes as an outflow of the cash. sometimes its wife’s treatment for something.

Many times Mother’s trips to religious places. Sometimes My paternal village lands need to be repaired. Sometimes I lose in the stock market whatever I gained in the last 2 months.

Balance is the same. If people earn more money by anyhow it will go away either one or other way.


For more about Money balance Please keep reading.

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