The Money Balance Theory- The more on money

We don’t have any real control over what we have or what we want to do.
The money balance theory

The core point of this dilemma is whatever I earn in one way or second way My money is not staying with me.
In Hinduism, There is a saying that

Laxmi is Chanchal.

It means money is fickle.

In the recent Covid-19 situation, I have seen this-

One of my uncles is having a good income from his business. He is a kind of upper-class family. His mother got corona and he spent more than 500k INRin the hospital.

Same time my other uncle who is a lower middle class also got a corona positive report.

He admitted to the private doctor and got well by spending not more than 5k INR. He used allopathy and ayurvedic both.

My observation is that lower income person’s outflow is lower and higher income person’s outflow is high.

Let’s talk about my own experience,

I have been earning a good salary in comparison to my friend. My wife got some attention for her medical treatment which costs me 400k INR all over.

My friend whose income is 3rd part of mine is not having a wife with this kind of medical attention.

Whatever I earn it went to the different types of expenses. On this point, I want to add that if in my past I was not having this much outflow when I earned less than current.

Gradually my salary increased so my expenses.

Some mysterious things happens in life those are below,

Car/Bike fault

All of a sudden one day your bike’s tire got punctured.
All of a sudden headlamp is not working.
All of a sudden battery dies.

Electricity bills

Sometimes electricity bills are way higher than you expected.

Movie tickets

We don’t buy expensive movie tickets but something triggers us to buy expensive tickets often.


We buy random clothes and then didn’t wear it much

Many electric items

All of a sudden our earphones, mobiles, laptops are not working or having battery problems

Health Problems

We got a fever, cold, stomach aches. Other diseases but that are curable. We went to the doctor and it got cured. Our savings spent well we thought.

There are many more happenings in our life which we do not provide attention. Every thing happens to us is the Part of The money balance theory of mine 🙂

I strongly believe that something mysterious is happening with all of us. Everyone is having some kind of outflow of the money. Let’s not call it issues. It is a kind of errands we need to do.

My point is not to give up or anything. My point is some kind of formual GOD has made. It is dynamic. It changes with time. It depends on cause and effect.

We generally say- I have time. But I think

Time has us.


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