Common things to avoid for frontend developer

Frontend developers should be very careful as small points can affect the user experience badly.Some common things to avoid for frontend developers are as given below.

1.Do not use inline style ever for temporarily

Don't do this,

<div style="visibility:hiddern">

   Your Content


Create a class for the same.

Do this

<div class=""cHidden">
  Your contnet

 visibility: hidden;

The main reason for doing this is increasing maintainability. You will come to know in your development these things.

2.Do not use a border with darker color on the white background.

This is not a rigid rule but if you think your UI is not looking much attractive then try to remove the border or try to
make border lighter in terms of pixels or color.

Don't do this/ Or Try to avoid this

border:1px solid black;

3. Remove console.log

Developers generally use this console.log for debugging purposes.

We all use that but try to comment on it once its goal is achieved. Or remove it.

4. Choosing a color theme

If you think all the colors you are choosing for the menu, icons, or cards, or any component are 1 layer above the body/base then I would suggest working on the background color.

If you choose the background color for the body other than white then definitely your colors for menu, icons or any cards will behave differently to the eyes against your expectation.

Just try to switch to a white background and check the difference in your color combination.

Use different color schemes on this kind of platform colors.

5. Try to rid of default grey colors.

If you think you are not satisfied with the current look and feel then try to search for grey, dull color in your web or any application.

Generally, try to avoid using Microsoft XP like grey colors.

6. Not using the Developer Tool of the browser. 

This is to be avoided as the developer tool is the best thing for the Frontend developer and it should be used more extensively


There are many things to avoid by frontend developers. We will keep it in the upcoming articles.

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