Indian Politics: Some questions from the common man

We live in a society in India where common men should unite and ask some questions to the Rulers of India. This is our country. Not hereditary from your party’s previous ruler.  Indian Politics: Some questions from the common man are listed from the inner box of my mind. We have some questions from the common man to Indian Politics.

Indian politics is what keeping the common men, middle-class families suffered every morning of their poor and pitiable life. Why should the common man not live a proper life?  Here I have some questions and some inputs from the eye of the common man.

1.Why are we giving VIP treatment to the politicians?

Politicians are our servants, not our masters.
They use our money for their luxuries. They live in luxurious houses which are of money. They eat high-profile foods. They drive only in posh cars.

What to do:

  • Don’t give them a Governmental Car.
  • Don’t give them Government Home.
  • They must travel by train/city bus only.
  • They must stay in AWAS.

2. Stop fucking go to their election rallies.

Why we are going to show up at their election rallies. They organize their rallies and we blindly go to their rallies. They will not come to your cause when you need it. Politicians are very selfish.
If something happens in your society they will come there only to show up in news and media. They don’t respect your privacy. They don’t respect you.

What to do:

  • Ask them to come to the society and schedule the meetings in the society for work done.

3. Try to give the votes to the educated persons.

You are working hard to get your kids educated. So you should not support uneducated politicians.
Do you think the person who can not read, will serve you better than who can read?
Do you think that an uneducated, illiterate person can help you to create a college in your area? Do they understand the importance of free study?

What to do:

  • Make a rule for education qualification in the election.
  • Only Degree holders can continue in the election.

4. Don’t give a vote who only talks about oppositions.

Why are they blaming oppositions all the time?  Are we fool not to understand your motto? You are here to show your work. Don’
t tell us that your previous parties had done this and that. You need to change the current situation.


5. Press conference should be mandatory.

In this press conference, all media houses should be there.


6. Meeting with common people will be organized each week.

Elected politicians must go for 2 hours to different areas of them and talk to people and their problems.


7. PM should do the press conference to respect democracy.

8. Why in this country religious places are more important than schools and hospitals.

We can gather thousands in the name of religion but not for education. We do not come on the roads for the university, government hospitals which are best in the area. So politicians take advantage and they brainwashed us in the name of God and our places of worship.

Private schools are everywhere and with the fees which are way too high for middle-class man. Is this what Abdul Kalam dreamt for India in 2020?

9. Why are they not fulfiling the promises from their election rallies and manifestos.

Most of the politicians are not fulfilling the promises which they shouted on the mic and loudspeakers like they are some kind of heros.

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