Latest UI/UX Trends in 2021

UI is at the forefront of your business. Probably they are the most important aspect of your business to convert more clients. And, attract customers to repeat the purchase. Moreover, one way to tap into this facet of customer satisfaction is- you should pick the latest UI/UX design trends.

If your UX is smooth and hassle-free, you will be leaving the customers wanting more.

For Example, take the case of the likes of Netflix, Airbnb, and Uber. Their UX is simple, elegant, and yet beautiful. So, whenever a new user visits their platform, they leave as a happy customer. We can definitely give credit for this to their UI and UX design.

Therefore, big companies spend millions of money on their UI and UX.

In this article, we will look into the latest UI/UX trends that going to pretty much rock 2021.

Do You Need to Update your UI?

Before getting into the latest trends, let’s first ask the important question. Do you really need a new UI or UX? And, if yes! Then how to rain-check that your customer will like it too?

The answer is simple- AB Testing and Survey.

AB Testing

AB testing
AB testing

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a simple process of showing two different variants of UI of the same page to different segments of website visitors at the same time and comparing which variant drives more conversions.

Customer Survey

Customer Survey
Customer Survey

The customer survey is a simple strategy, but very effective. First, we have to decide the group of people with whom we are going to perform the survey. You can form the survey group on the basis of any type of customer demographic. For Example- the consumer’s age, location, behavioral pattern, etc.

Then you prepare a survey form, that the survey group is going to fill up. This form is going to contain a list of questions, questions about their opinion on the UI design.

Then, either in a controlled or uncontrolled environment, you ask the people of the survey-group to fill the form.

After the analysis, you would be able to know, how much the customers going to love your new UI.

Latest UI/UX Trends

In my opinion, the following are the latest UI/UX trends for 2021

  • Scroll Triggered Animation

    In this UI design, you see animations that get triggered when we scroll. This animation either have texts or other elements. It is good for grabbing the attention of the user.

    It literally gives a ‘wow’ satisfaction to the scroller. And he/she wouldn’t be able to hold his/her appreciation for the designer.

    Moreover, storytelling is going to be the all-time-trend, that going to last forever. And typography is one the best way to build a robust hierarchy for a great visual experience. It is good for creating an excellent user experience.

    This UI helps to put the narrative of the brand. Because it gives the user a feeling that they are part of the story. And sequentially, it simply leaves the user to scroll through the whole content.

  • Illustrations and Animations

    illustration and drawings

    This UI is been created with the help of Illustration, or animations, or hand drawings, or with the combinations of these. Many designers have shown their unique creativity with this UI trend.

    We have seen story-telling web pages and in the sales-funnel process. This UI trend proves to be good with customer conversion. Because it’s visual binds the visitors with the user flow.

    If you like this UI trend and have decided to experiment with it, then check out this website Undraw. This website has cool illustrations for free. You can download it both in PNG and SVG format. And can experiment with it.

  • Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality
    Virtual Reality

    Imagine that you want to buy a car. And, you land at the website of the car manufacture. Further, you can visualize the interior of the car and also the outer look of the car, in the virtual environment. Would, you want to take a test drive of the car?

    Its because it is giving you the visual experience of the product.

    Though, this UI is a little bit in the early curve of the trend. But in the future, for sure, you will see more of it on the web.

  • GlassMorphism


    This UI trend is one of the latest trends, among the others in the list. And, it sure has caught a lot of buzz in the market.

    As you can see in the above image, it is an element of the frosty glass effect. You can say, a cool variant of neomorphism.

    It is a very simple UI design, but equally powerful. Because it looks cool. Moreover, it gives a great user experience.

    Try this website to create your own glassmorphism element for free


Keeping your platform updated with the latest UI trend is crucial. If you are ignoring your UI or UX, then you are probably leaving your customers unhappy.

We know that getting updated with the latest trends is not an easy task. Because, any-month or any-day, there could be a new trend starting. But we recommend updating your UI at-least once in a two-year time period.

The above-mentioned UIs are the latest trends in my opinion. Maybe I have missed some of the trends. And, any suggestions of yours are welcome.

You can put down your thoughts about this article by writing in the comment box below. If you like the read, consider reading our next article- Top UI/UX Design Softwares That Pro Uses In 2020.


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