5 Amazing NFT Games You Can Play To Earn Huge Cryptocurrency Awards!

In recent times the Cryptocurrency market is in demand in the entire world. Its expansion has undergone at a global level. Along with Cryptocurrency, the Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) have also grown very rapidly. NFT is basically built on Blockchain Technology. NFT represents the real-time value of technological things. Such as video games, music and paintings. These are such things that can be purchased using Cryptocurrencies. Here we have mentioned some games by which you can play to earn huge Cryptocurrency Awards.

NFT games you can play to earn
NFT games you can play to earn

Additionally, NFT has expanded its way into the gaming industry. This is going to be the future for the next generation. This leads to the creation and development of amazing NFT games. These games are very useful. They give players a real-time Cryptocurrency reward by playing them. 

In the form of tokens, these games are differentiated as in-game assets. This allows players to collect them as an NFT (Non-fungible Token). This allows players to make a trade on gaming assets. You can make a trade on vehicles, weapons, and playable characters as in-game assets in NFTS. 

There are 2 possibilities and terms in these games. 

  • Players can sell their in-game assets as they receive their fruitful profits.
  • They can accumulate the assets in the game until they get the desired return from games. 

People who have a very keen interest in gaming and Cryptocurrencies are involved in NFTs. 

There are a lot of examples of this kind of inclination. 

  • ‘Axie Infinity’ in an NFT game. Its owner ‘Sky Mavin’ had reached a huge market value of 3 billion. 
  • Ethereum is a blockchain-based token. This belongs to the ‘Axie Infinity’ game which is called ‘AXE.’ It reached its all-time high market value of $155 on 4th October. 

So, here are 5 amazing games that you can play and earn huge Cryptocurrency awards!


This NFT game is just made for soccer fans. Sorare is a kind of fantasy soccer game. Here players have to play a game by purchasing, selling and managing a soccer team. This soccer team is going to be a virtual team. Ethereum Blockchain plays a vital role in this game. It manages players in a game via digital cards. 

Earn Huge Cryptocurrency Award
Earn NFT in games

Players who are playing this game are expected to make a soccer team using football player cards. Then, they have to participate and play with other players playing in a game. If someone wins a game he can earn a cash price or he can get Cryptocurrency in a form of Ether. When a player wins a game, he is awarded Ether tokens. These tokens are very valuable. Ether is the world’s second most valuable Cryptocurrency. Sorare was developed in 2018. 


Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the easiest and amazing NFT games. This NFT game was launched in 2020. A free-to-play card is the concept of this game. This game integrates NFT components into the traditional card trading game. Players need to play a game, win a game from other players and get a higher ranking card. Players can trade these high-quality cards at the Cryptocurrency platform’s marketplace. Again, here also the game is built on Ethereum Blockchain. 

Earn Huge Cryptocurrency Award
NFT Tokens and games

F1 Delta Time

People who love care games are going to love this game. This game is made with Ethereum Blockchain. F1 Delta Time is basically a car racing game. Players are supposed to collect cars, drivers, trinkets and other components as a form of NFTs. These tiny tokens are very useful to get a huge amount of Cryptocurrency. Players can also sell these components and get valuable Ethers.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) has also grown very rapidly
Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) has also grown very rapidly

Evolution Land

Evolution Land is one of the very interesting NFT games. This game contains 26 continents. These continents are contained by various elements such as land, fire, gold, water and silicon. The format of this game is one on one. Players have to take part in activities such as construction, mining and science. Players have to receive, send and manage Crypto assents from other players and also in the form of game rewards. 

Earn Huge Cryptocurrency Award
NFT games you can play to earn


Zed Run 

Horse riding players are going to love this game. Zed Run is a horse riding NFT game. Here players need to get the NFT cards of their choice of horse. When a player wins a game they get an opportunity to make amazing and high rewarding trades in Cryptocurrency. 

Earn Huge Cryptocurrency Award
earn huge Cryptocurrency awards

The NFT gaming sector is going to be a huge gaming market in the coming future. The global gaming market will value around $200 billion (roughly Rs. 14, 94, 768 crores) by 2023. The capitalization of the NFT market, meanwhile, reached a value of over $22 billion in 2021.


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