5 Best Sites to Download Free Movies

It’s quite natural that a human body requires rest after working all week. The weekend provides them with relaxation. Prepare them for the endeavours they have to face in the coming week.

 Some love to spend the weekend while watching movies.

Movies take you away from the boredom of life. You forget all the worries of life and get lost in it.

If you’re also fond of watching movies but are restricted to watch them. As you don’t know the best sites to download free movies.

You just hit up the right place. In this post, I will mention some of the best sites to download movies.

Nowadays, if someone has to watch a movie, he can watch or download it while sitting on his couch. Undeniably, it’s one of the best services on the internet.  

But to watch or download it, you must know the best sites to download movies.

Here we have enlisted the 5 best sites to download or watch movies online. These include Internet Archive, YIFY, Popcornflix, and many others. 

Internet Archive– Download  Hd movies for free

The Internet Archive is a non-profit Digital library that aims to provide universal access to every sort of knowledge for free.

Along with other sorts of knowledge, it also provides a number of movies to download free. It is the best site to get movies in a legal way.

Even you can find 60’s movies here. It has a collection of approximately 6.4 M movies.

The collection contains movies of different genres. The most saturated genres are Sci-fi, horror, Silent films, Comedy.

You can visit the web to browse movies. It allows you to filter results with your choice. Select the movie of your choice and open it in a new tab.

It is up to you to watch it online or download it. It is preferred to use a torrent to download content from this site.

The Internet Archive has a noticeable distinction in features and functionalities from other knowledgeable sites.

Another good thing about this site is that you can use it without a VPN.

Most people omit to download the movie because of not having access to VPN. The internet archive is the best fit for you.

It’s a non-profit site and the thing most of you will notice is that it is an ad-free site. Help them in their sacred goal by donating to the site. So that it may continue to keep entertaining you.

Ocean of movies– Best site to download free movies

It’s one of the most prominent sites on the internet that allows you to download movies for free. You can find movies in any genre there ranging from action to sci-fi.

If you like action movies, just go to the menu and select action movies from there. Most of the movies there are from Hollywood and Bollywood.

It has clustered newly released movies on the site. It offers subtitles in many languages which differs it from other movie sites.

In short, it’s the best site to download free movies of any genre.

If you are looking to download movies for free with subtitles, then this movie site is the best fit for you.

YIFY Movies – Best site to Download Movies

YIFY is one of the best sites to download free movies. Its quite awful features have made it on the list of the top movie sites.

Video quality, sound quality, and user experience are remarkably well.

Whenever I have to download a movie, I use this site to download it. Btw, I love sci-fi and motivational movies.

The above-mentioned features inspired me to head towards this site. The “YIFY” has upgraded itself so much in a very short period. You can find movies in any genre there.

The movies are categorized based on quality, release year, genre type. It has a massive list of movies. Old 70’s movies to recent movies, all are available to download.

Note you have to use a torrent with it to download movies. Utorrent is the best fit for it.

Just visit the YIFY and type your movie in the search bar there. Open the tab of your favourite movie. Search the download link and click on it. Enjoy the movie.

Yidio – Best Site to Watch movies

Yidio is the platform that provides a free-alternative to big platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. and TV shows.

If you are a Netflix lover, don’t have enough money to subscribe to their package. Then this site is the best fit for you.

Here you can find Netflix movies, TV shows for free. Some of the movies/ TV shows are not available for free.

As Yidio has clustered the content from Netflix, Amazon, Disney. You either have to rent it or buy it. They cost very cheap.

But at the same time, I wouldn’t recommend buying or renting movies. Just use it for free.

To watch free content, select free. There are still a lot of movies and TV shows available there.

You can consider these genres which include romance, classic, horror, documentary, Sci-fi, and many others.

Once you have selected the movie genre you can then select free sources from the drop-down box at the left middle of the screen.

Meanwhile, you can select the platform of which movie you want to watch. It’s slightly down the drop-down menu of sources. Then you can enjoy the movie.

Popcornflix– Best site to watch movies

Popcornflix is one of the best free movie sites. It allows you to watch movies online.

It also offers an Android app for the convenience of the users. If you’re an Android user you should simply go to the Playstore and grab it.

The platform contains more than 1,500 films and TV shows. All of these are of different genres. The genres include documentaries, horror, animations, Sci-fi, comedy, romance, action, and many others.

Moreover, you can watch recently released movies here. Note that some movies are limited to only specific countries. So every movie may not be available in your region.

To watch movies, just visit their site and type the movie name in the search bar.

It’ll show you the results if that particular movie is available there or not. If yes, then open it in a new tab. Click the play button. Enjoy the movie.

If you are not comfortable with your kids on this site as it contains a lot of adult content. So don’t worry Popcornflix has an app prepared only for kids.


So now all of you may have discovered the best sites to download free movies. Try one of the above-mentioned sites which suits you best and whose movies are available in your region.

The one I would personally recommend is YIFY. I have been using it for a long period.

If you still face problems while downloading the movie, we have a list prepared of some other sites. I’ll mention them in the next blog. Stay tuned. If you want to know the best freelance market place.  Follow the link