6 Best Long-Tail Keywords Finder Tools

The modern epoch of technology and the internet has made the survival of a website impossible without Seo. Targeting long-tail keywords accurately ensure your website/blog survival. 

A measure shows that 1.7 billion websites exist in the world so far. Tons of Web sites are being created every day. So the number “1.7 B” fluctuates every day. It is such a huge number that one can’t even think of ranking his web. 

Google updates its policy of SEO almost every day so make sure you remain intact with it. It will help you to get approval from Adsense. Consequently, you will be able to make money from your web by showing ads.

Many folks usually make a mistake. They try to target short keyword instead of long-tail keywords

Benefits of targeting long-tail keywords

There are tons of benefits of targeting long-tail keywords. One of them is that they are less competitive than short-tail keywords.

Let me give an example. A short keyword “games” is much competitive as it covers all of the relevant results. The long-tail keyword “best fighting games 2020” is less competitive. It became more specific when we target long-tail keywords. It will only show the results related to “best fighting games 2020”. 

Long-tail keywords cover 70% of the google search volume. You have a golden opportunity to rank in less competition. Give it a go and do target long-tail keywords. 

Best long-tail keywords tools

People usually discover it difficult to target long-tail keywords. The reason might be that they ain’t aware of the best long-tail keywords finder tools. If you too don’t know about the best long-tail keywords finder tools. Then this post is specifically for you. 

There are several tools to find long-tail keywords. But we will mention only a few ones that are best for you. Some of them are free of cost, while a few are paid. So, analyze which one fits you best. Then go for it.

So here is the list of best long-tail keywords tools.

1.Uber Suggest

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool. It is owned by a famous American digital marketer ” Neil Patel”. It allows its free-users access to make 3 searches per day. It’s one of the best tools to find long-tail keywords. I would recommend this tool for long-tail keyword research. Besides, it allows its users to analyze their competitors. They can see why their competitor ranked. Which keywords did they use?.

They can also check their web/blog stats and performance. Once you put your web/blog URL in the search bar, it will point out the barriers that are taking place for your web to rank.

To find long-tail keywords, just put your seed keyword in the search bar. It will give you a list of the relevant long-tail keywords. It also shows the search volume, SEO difficulty of that particular long-tail keyword.

Note you can only make 3 searches per day if you are their free-users. For more features, you do have to subscribe to their package for premium users

2.Google Auto-suggest feature

Google allows its users to find long-tail keywords from its auto-suggest feature. The well-known and the most used search engine charges nothing for it. It’s absolutely free.

You just have to write your seed keyword in the Google search bar. Google will itself suggest long-tail keywords related to it. Google suggests them based on popularity. Here, you can easily find long-tail keywords in any niche.

Note that Google will only suggest long-tail keywords. For other features, like search volume, CPC you have to use an additional tool with it.

3. Kwfinder

It’s another one of the most used and best long-tail keyword finder tools.

It assists you in finding less competitive long-tail keywords. Its features & functionalities differ from other keyword research tools. You have to enter the main keyword: select the specific country and language. It’ll then generate the best long-tail keyword for you.

Unlike google’s auto-suggest feature, it’s not free. You do have to subscribe to their premium package. It is available only for 29$ per month. It’s kinda cheap if we compare it to its features. The price they are charging is worth it.

Moreover, it offers a free 10-day trial to its users. You have to provide your bank account information. But nothing would be withdrawn from your account if you cancel the subscription plan within 10 days

4. Google Ads

It’s another free of cost long-tail keyword research tool. It helps you find the best long-tail keyword related to your niche.

Furthermore, it shows the search volume, Seo difficulty of that particular long-tail keyword.

The feature which differs it from other long-tail keyword tools is that it is available free of cost.

To use this feature,

Visit the Google Ads
Login with your Gmail account
Choose the keyword planner from the menu.

Enjoy using Google ads and index your web using the keyword planner.

5. Long-tail Pro

It’s a well-known, efficient tool for long-tail keyword research. It enables its enjoyers to discover less competitive, targeted long-tail keywords. Long-tail pro analyzes the google search engine and obtains results like search volume, competition, CPC, and many more. Moreover, the tool allows you to stalk your competitors and analyze what works for them.

What keywords do they use to rank in SERPs?.Like many others, it’s a paid tool. To use their amazing features, you have to pay 47$ per month. Wouldn’t suggest using it, if you don’t use further tools with it.

6.Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter is a keyword research tool for Seo. It allows free access to its services.

You may not be familiar with this one, but it’s the best free keyword research tool. One of the features I like most is that it allows you to put many seed keywords at a time. But one keyword in a line. To generate the keyword, enter your seed keywords and click on the “Sheet keywords”. It will generate hundreds of keywords in seconds. It will keep generating the keywords unless you click the “stop” button. If you are looking for more keyword ideas in a short period then this is the best keyword tool for you.    If you want to know LinkedIn learning top tips. Do read this article.    https://readitmore.com/reading/how-to-use-linkedin-learning-top-tips/

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