Apple Watch: Amazing Things You May Not Have Known

If you have an Apple Watch, then you definitely know its prominent features. It can track your activity and inspire you to do more with its three rings.
But the Apple Watch – which is more of a wrist computer than a watch – has a lot of cool features you might not know.
In this article, I’ll be highlighting things you probably didn’t know you could do with your Apple Watch.
Some use built-in apps and features, and some use third-party apps.
Read on to find out how to make the Apple Watch do so much more.

Cover Your Watch to Silence and Dim It

Apple Watch

Sometimes you want to stop your watch from making sounds or showing notifications.
In the Watch app, go to Sound & Haptics, and enable Cover to Mute.
You can then silence the watch at any time by simply placing your palm on it.
If you want to turn off the screen completely, you can use Theater Mode. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then tap the two masks.
This is great when you are at the movies, at the theatre, or wearing your watch.
If you want to view the screen, tap on it, then place your palm again to turn it off.

Find Your iPhone

Apple Watch

I am sure this has happened to you. You’re at home or in the office and can’t find an iPhone. It may have fallen between the cushions of the sofa or under some papers on your desk.
Since your Apple Watch is linked to your iPhone, you can tell the phone to sound an alarm so you can locate it.
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the iPhone button. Then follow the voice to find your phone.

Track Sleep

Apple Watch

Other than some adjustments and settings, you don’t need to do anything to track your sleep’s Auto Sleep feature.
It automatically detects when you go to sleep, your movement and heart rate, and detects when you wake up, even if you wake up for a short time at night.
You can even use it during the day to record naps. The iPhone app shows how long you’ve slept and helps you plan a sleep strategy.

Unlock and Authenticate Your Mac

Due to the chain of trust in Apple devices, you can use the Apple Watch to unlock your Mac and authenticate in many dialogues where you need to enter a password.
To activate this feature, go to System Preferences> Security & Privacy, then select Use Apple Watch to open apps and your Mac.

Check The Ambient Noise Level

A new feature in watchOS 6 lets you check the ambient noise level at concerts or at work to see if your hearing is at risk.

To use this feature, go to the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down the apps list, and then tap Noise.

Enable environmental sound measurements. You can set notifications when the ambient sound exceeds a certain decibel level.

To check the noise level at any time, launch the Noise app. You will see the volume level in decibels with an explanation of what this number means.

Note that this feature consumes a large amount of battery power, so you don’t want to let it run all the time.

Organize Apps to Launch Them More Quickly

There are several ways to run apps on Apple Watch. One way is to take advantage of complications.
This is a small part of the watch face that either displays an app icon or some information. For example, weather complications display the current temperature and high and low forecasts for the day
Click it to open the Weather app and see more details.
You can also press the digital crown to view all the apps on your watch; Tap on one to open it.
You can organize applications in this view in two ways. The first is to tap and hold an app on your watch, then move it to the place you want.
Placing your frequently used apps in the middle makes them easier to access.
The second way to organize apps is to open the Watch app on your iPhone, then click on App Layout. Click an app and then drag it to a different location.
You can also view your apps in List view. To do this, press the digital crown on your watch, then press and hold the screen until you see two options. Click View List to view your apps as follows.

You Can Pay For Things Without Apple Pay

You can easily add QR codes on your phone and use them on Apple Watch with the Passbook app.

This makes it easy for users to reach places that do not accept Apple Pay.

Clear All Notifications

You can get a lot of notifications on Apple Watch. You can reject them individually, but sometimes you just want to delete them all.

To do this, swipe down from the top of your watch screen, then tap and hold the screen. Click Clear All, and all of your notifications will be deleted.

Control Music Playback on Your iPhone

When playing music on your iPhone – whether you listen to it with headphones or stream it to a speaker – you can control that playback from your Apple Watch.
To do this, tap the white and red small circle at the top of the screen; This unlocks the music controls.
You can play and pause, go to the next or previous track; Or change the volume by turning the Digital Crown.
In the screenshot below, the volume indicator appears green while I’m doing this.

It Allows You To Take Screenshots

This feature will certainly come in handy for those of us who need to save something in the blink of an eye.
Just press a simple button, you have a screenshot.

You Can Pair It With An External Bluetooth Health Device

You can pair the watch with an external Bluetooth heart rate check as an alternative to the heart rate measurement that comes as a watch feature.
And who knows, in the future, you may be able to pair it with other types of devices that could make it a great medical tool.

You Can Send Your Current Location to Someone By Pressing Hard on The Message Screen and Choosing ‘Send Location.’

Apple Watch

You Can Use The Health App on Your iPhone to Track Your Heart Rate Throughout The Day.

Apple Watch

Use it to check out heart rate spikes during workouts or near-death experiences!

Your Apple Watch is able to Tell When It is A Friend’s Birthday and Will Add in A Special Quick Response Option on A Special Day

Apple Watch

You Can Use Shazam to Catalogue Every Song You Hear Throughout The Day

Apple Watch

In the Shazam app on Apple Watch, press firmly down to enable Auto Shazam.
Your watch will now listen to any music, and it will automatically pick up song and artist names.
You can see a playlist of all the songs your Apple Watch takes in Shazam on your phone.

Use Your Watch to Control Spotify on Your Phone

Apple Watch

Although there is no Spotify app for Apple Watch yet, you can still control Spotify from your watch.
If you start playing an album or playlist on your phone, you can swipe up from the watch screen to access the Now Playing profile screen, which you can use to pause, skip songs, or change the volume.

How to choose the best Apple Watch for you

Choosing the best Apple Watch for you doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. In most cases, it will switch to the latest Apple Watch 6 versus the Apple Watch SE.
Series 6 is best if you have $ 399 to spend on the always-on display and advanced health sensors. Apple Watch SE might be a better option for first-time users.
If you are torn between Apple Watch 6 vs. Apple Watch 3 or Apple Watch SE vs. Apple Watch 3
It will be decided whether you want to have a smartwatch supported by updates for years to come.
Although Series 3’s low price is attractive, you are looking for a fitness tracker that can integrate with your iPhone.

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