Best Drones with Camera Under $ 500 For 2021

Are you ready to find the best mid-range drone on the market?

The truth is that even when you spend Under $ 500 on a drone. You can still end up failing, especially if you buy one from a low-quality importer.

Let’s dive into our list of the best performing mid-range drones, which won’t break the bank.

To get the best value for your money, be aware of the products’ average specifications. And features below this price and category.

That’s why we’ve written a summary of what you should expect from a drone in this price range.

1. DJI  Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Mini

DJI has launched an upgrade to the drone industry’s massive game-changer. The Mavic Mini.

The foldable plane weighing less than 250g gets all its specifications. And enhanced features with the new Mavic Mini 2.

I’m sure you’ve already heard, seen, or even flew a DJI Mavic drone. It’s one of the newest products from the famous DJI brand, Under $ 500.


On the front of the plane is a camera supported by a 3-axis axis and equipped with a 1 / 2.3-inch sensor.

The DJI Mavic Mini c2 camera’s video capture capabilities go well beyond 4K HD, with a frame rate of 30fps. The alternative here is 1080p video at 60 fps.

Moreover, it is capable of taking 12MP photos as well.

Of course, the drone can send the live video in high quality in real-time with no latency.


The other thing it isn’t missing is its safety features:

For example, the built-in altitude limit prevents you from drifting away. And the Come Home function kicks in when the battery gets too low. And ensures Who can return the drone home.

It felt stable and accurate at all times, in part because of its downward vision sensors. That allows it to detect Earth for the safest landings. And the most stable flights and overflight.

It can remain stable at 4,000 meters during level five winds.

Not to mention it’s foldable, too.

Easy to carry in a backpack. It is one of the best places for vacation photography. And outdoor event photography and video blogging.

2. Holy Stone HS720E

Holy Stone HS720E

Holy Stone has been one of DJI’s most exciting competitors. Some of their products are starting to stand out from the rest, as the company itself. And its customers have proven themselves well worth a share of the drone market.

I have to admit that I was amazed by HS720’s performance. like I’m in control of an advanced drone. Very responsive, easy to manoeuvre, and even able to in windy conditions.

Suppose you are a fan of aerial photography and videography but don’t have a high budget. In that case, HS720 is one of the most viable alternatives. At Under $ 500, it won’t disappoint.


Holy Stone tried to do what other companies like Syma and DJI did. The brand made its action camera rather than requiring its customers to buy SJCam, GoPro. Or otherwise.

And they succeed. The HS700 had a high-quality 12MP camera, capable of shooting 1080p video. And live video transmission. The HS720 is upgrading that to a 4K FHD 5G camera (resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels).


The HS720 has excellent features, as would be expected from a drone in its price range. The highlight is GPS with Follow Me Mode and Custom Flight Path.

Draw a path on the app screen, and HS720 will move in that direction or a circle and send you the scene in real-time.

Moreover, it also features automatic rewind and 5GHz live video transmission.

3. Altair Outlaw SE

Altair Outlaw SE

If you haven’t heard of Altair Aerial, you’ve missed some great drones. The Outlaw SE is a premium quality drone loaded with great features.

This drone comes with almost anything a drone pilot wants, which is why we have the best budget pick and Under $ 500.

Not only is this a feature of drones, but they are also easy to use. And someone with little experience will also enjoy it.


The Outlaw SE has a great camera, which is where it stands out, and the shots you capture are great. The camera captures in 1080p HD and gives some beautiful pictures.
Whether you shoot live videos or take photos, you will be impressed with the images’ quality.

It is also important to mention the ease of use of the camera. The drone comes with an integrated GPS. And altitude stabilization (among other things), making using the camera.


  • High hold.
  • Headless mode.
  • One-touch takeoff and landing.
  • Point of interest mode.
  • Follow my situation.
  • Failed safe repatriation.
  • GPS main return function.

4. Hubsan Zino 4K Drone

Hubsan Zino 4K Drone

Out with the old and the new, placing in the top 5 is the Hubsan Zino 4k Foldable Quadcopter.

That is Hubsan’s newest offering, and at over $ 300, it makes a great budget in the best drones.

One of the best things about Zino 4K is that it is quite decent despite its price.


The Hubsan Zino 4K is an excellent choice for those who love aerial photography. The camera is a 5G camera that can shoot or broadcast Full HD videos at 30fps and has 4K capabilities and FPV option.

Zino takes the edge with the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that the 4K UHD camera anchors. It is what allows the camera to produce sharper images by comparison.


The Hubsan Zino 4K is packed with at least equal. Or better features than the rest of its competitors. Considering that this drone is priced higher than in the under $ 300 category.

Hubsan compensates for this with many intelligent flight modes. Along with other safety features.

Can I fly indoors and out?

Suppose you are a beginner no because you will need ample open space to practice. But, most of these drones are stable enough to be flown indoors without any problem.

So if you already have a certain level of practice, go for it. Throughout the article.

Do these support GoPro drones and other action cameras?

Yes, every drone on our list can carry GoPro, Xiaomi, and SJCam action cameras. But, some of them come with a good quality camera.

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