Google AdMob and Google Play Console Termination Causes

Google AdMob is a tool for monetizing cross-platform apps and websites. It provides us a lot of different ad types for displaying to users. They have banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads, and reward ads. In this article, I will focus on Google AdMob Termination Causes.

Common reasons for AdMob accounts Termination:

  1. Clicking the ads in your app.
  2. One or more than 1 user by repeatedly clicking on the ads in your app.
  3. Ad placement deceives users or creates accidental clicks.

Some common causes of bans regarding invalid clicks:

  • Don’t click your own ads
  • Don’t tell your friends and family to click on your ads
  • A page impression can count towards earning.
  • Never use copyrighted content
  • Do not post or host malicious content.
  • Don’t use pornographic materials on your site.
  • Never use any other ad service on your website while using AdSense
  • Don’t try to put more than 3 ads on any page.

Here are Ten tips to stay on the right side of Google Play policy:

  • Review the AdMob Policy Center 
  • Describe your app appropriately
  • Use only those images you have the rights to
  • Rate your app accurately.
  • Handle user data with care
  • Confirm the ads in your app are policy compliant
  • Don’t forget the restricted content policy
  • Update your email preferences
  • Fix any policy issues found in the review
  • Reach out to us for support

Reasons to suspend Google Developer Console

Recently, Google has implemented a number of policies to allow users to access standard apps. You need to know a number of policies before you can publish your app on the Google Play Store. Because, if their bots catch that your app is violating any of their policies, they will terminate your account.

There are two main reasons why a Google Developer Console account suspend.

  • Multiple accounts (account association)
  • Multiple Policy Violations (Multiple Apps Suspended)

A- Multiple accounts (account association)

Google does not allow anyone to create more than one developer account. One person can only create one developer account. If you try to create another developer account, Google bots will catch you and immediately delete both of your accounts.

The question is, how does Google terminate your account for violating the Accounts Association policy? Their bots are always active to track accounts purchased with the same credit cards, to log in to the same device used with the same internet connection.

Therefore, strictly avoid buying another account with the same credit card. Never open multiple accounts on the same devices. Make sure to fix a separate and specific Internet connection for each developer console. We will discuss in detail all the possible reasons for suspending Google Developer Console.

If your account is already suspended, and you want to create a new account, Google doesn’t allow it either, but people are doing it with the following tricks.

Buy another developer account with:

  • New credit card
  • New computer
  • Change internet connection if not DSL.
  • New AdMob account, key store, and ad ID. 

Multiple Policy Violations (Multiple Apps Suspended)

It is Google’s policy to suspend an account if their application repeatedly violates the policy. You must do nothing against the policies when creating and publishing your app or game on the Google Play Store.

Danger of children

If your app contains sexual content, it will be removed from the Play Store. If more than 3 apps are suspended from your account, your developer account will be terminated at any time in accordance with Google Developer Policies.

Inappropriate content

Try not to include any graphic in your app with adult content. If Google bots find any sexual content or similar graphics in your app or in your app features, they will remove your app and suspend your account.

Hate speech

To protect your developer’s account, do not use hate speech against any individual or group in your app.


Google Developer’s policies prohibit anyone from making threats or showing real harm to animals or humans.

Sensitive events

Never create or publish an app on serious or tragic events such as 9/11 and others.

Bullying and harassment

If your apps contain any type of bullying or harassment, Google can suspend your account without notice.

Dangerous products

Apps that contain instructions for the manufacture of explosives, firearms, ammunition, firearms, or other weapons are not allowed to be published on Google Play. Avoid publishing apps like that to secure your developer account.

Financial instruments

Google Play does not allow apps that are capable of trading binary options or mining cryptocurrencies in any way.


Gambling apps are not allowed through the Google Play Store. So, if you don’t want Google to delete your developer account, don’t publish any kind of gambling app.

Illegal activities

Google does not allow apps that facilitate or promote illegal activities, such as drugs or weapons.

Imitation and intellectual property

Never use the brand name, famous product name, trademark, icon, another product logo in your app.

User data

Now, Google strongly warns all developers to clearly state how they collect user data (if they are collecting it) and how user data may collect from third parties. And how the user’s data is safe using the app or how the user’s data can use in different situations. If you do not show this statement, your app and account may be suspended by Google at any time.

Bad behavior

Never publish an app that contains any kind of virus, Trojan horse, malware, spyware, or any kind of malpractice.


All apps must have a disclosure in which the user can clearly summarize all the features of the app. If your app’s features differ from those of the reveler, your app will be removed and your apps will be deleted due to your account deletion.

Store listing and promotion

Avoid low-quality publicity and black hat tactics to artificially promote app visibility on Google Play, otherwise, your apps and accounts will be lost.

Spam and minimal activity

You must test and verify the quality of your app before publishing. Because apps that crash show other behaviors that aren’t relevant to the user experience. Or it will only remove spam users from Google Play. In that case, your account may be terminated without notice.

So, that is the reason why the Google Developer Console account suspend. Your account will never be suspended if you avoid all of these restrictions and adhere to the Google Play Store Terms and Conditions. But it is important for you to change the new policies and the policies of the Google Developer Console.

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