How Pro Designers Create Color Palette for Their Project

Colors are important for any brand to attract and connect to its target audience. And, that’s why it’s important for a designer to create a nice color palette. A palette that your clients will love. In this article, we will discuss how the Pro Designers make their color palette for any of their designing Projects. A pro designer creates a color palette that is very unique and standard. Here we have some guidelines for the same.

Think of colors as one way of visual communication. When a potential customer sees the brand hoardings or posters for the first time, 1st thing they see are the colors. And in this moment, if the colors are talking loudly and the color combination is unpleasant, then you are going to have a hard time converting the leads.

Why Colors are Important

First let’s understand, exactly how much color is important for branding. Furthermore, companies use this tool to give a lasting impression to their services and products. It gives an organization a unique identity. Also, it reflects emotions through their product onto the customers. And helps customers to connect well with the brand.

That’s why companies spend millions on deciding and maintaining the brand color.

For Example, take the case of Ford. It has a logo of dark blue color, hex code- #004377. And, has a white font, written Ford. This color combination, to its customers, gives a feeling of family and safety. That’s why in the non-American market Ford is projected more as a family car.

And for another instance, take the example of Apple. The product design of the company revolves around art. And they take colors seriously. Though, you can say that Apple always has black, grey and white in their color palette. And that’s the beauty of it. It’s called a minimalistic design.

And when we see any product, or product packaging or even the logo, the whole package says luxury. It connects with the consumers as a must-have luxury product. A product that they want to own, once in their lifetime.

Types of Color Representations

There are many unit systems to represent the colors. But these 4 are the primary units- Hex Code, RGB, CMYK, and PMS. Hexadecimal code and RGB code are the most common in the digital representation of the colors. While CMYK and PMS are used for print work.

pro designer color palette
Hex and RGB color codes

So, you only need to focus on the Hex Code and RGB.

Hexadecimal (Hex) Code- It is a number system of base 16. And, web designers and developers use these numbers most commonly to design the web elements.

RGB- Stands for Red, Green, and Blue. White color is the combination of these three primary colors. By changing the hue value of these colors, you can any color you want.

Emotions associated with different colors

As mentioned earlier, different color reflects different emotions in the customer’s conscious. Therefore, for your next designing project, start from here to generate the perfect palette.


Red Emotions
Red Emotions


Green Emotions
Green Emotions


blue emotions
blue emotions


Yellow Emotions
Yellow Emotions


black emotions
black emotions

Tools to generate cool Color Palettes

These are the online platforms that I happen to use during my design carrier at different points in time.

Now there are many similar services available. However, we cannot share all of them. But most designers use the following tools:


    pro designer color palette

    If you are not sure where to start. Even when you haven’t decided your Primary color. Then, this platform is perfect. The website generates color palettes in a random manner. Hit the space bar to generate the palette.
    Now, if you happen to like any one or two colors in the palette, then you can lock those colors. And generate different combinations with the remaining ones.

    Moreover, besides this feature, the platform has several other cool features too. Visit

  • Adobe Color

    Adobe Colors
    Adobe Colors

    Products of Adobe is getting cooler and cooler with time. They have a dedicated website just for colors!  And, have launched a very cool website. Above all, It is feature loaded and has everything that you will ever need to generate your color palette.

    From among them, the following are the prominent features:

    Create Page- On the create page, Adobe has listed 9 different color schemes. In addition, these give you clear options and strategies to prepare the right color combination. And, you will be sure that these combinations work, because of the color schemes.

    Explore Page- Here you can explore the color palettes of other users/designers, that they have uploaded. Above all, these are the color palettes that the designers have used in their projects.

    Trends Page- On this page you can explore the palettes that are now in the trend.

    Try Adobe Color now.


    pro designer color palette

    It is another random palette generator tool. And, this platform employs AI to randomly generate different color combinations. Which is, very similar to the

    This one is also feature-loaded. You can extract colors from any image. Moreover, you can see the designs of other designers too. Explore now.


The platforms that I have mentioned above are very easy to use. And, you can quickly generate your color palette and can get off to working on your design fast.

Remember, no matter which tool you like to use, in 2021 it’s important that you get your work done quickly. But, at the same time being able to develop beautiful and quality products. As a designer, the client will always have the first-say!

And,  if you have some other platforms to recommend, then please do share by writing in the comment section.

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