How To Earn From The Mobile App

If you think that Earn From The Mobile App is difficult, I tell you, don’t worry, it’s easy. In this post, we will discuss how to earn from the mobile app. You might be having a lot of questions like and one of the most common questions are
  • How much money will my app make if it has 100,000 downloads? 
  • How Much Revenue Can You Earn from AdMob?

  • 100k App Downloads and then what?

You should know your audience, such as persuading the user to download the app and activate the app. It is beneficial that you continue to provide the excellent quality required in the market.
You have to be 100% sure that there is a lot of money in the apps, and anyone can make millions of dollars.
Because with the simplicity of smartphones every day in a huge increase, there are many ideas for applications that people use every day. You can create an application whose idea is to help people or even entertain them like
  • Educational Apps
  • Children Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Finance and Insurance Apps
  • Application for cooking recipes
  • An App that downloads any video from any platform.
  • Ecomm Apps
You will definitely get a large number of downloads. You can create an Android app or ios and pursue your dream and fulfill it.

How much can I earn from 100K downloads of my app?

Mobile app revenue
Mobile app revenue
Monetization is a big talking point in the app industry these days. This is understandable. Of course, there is an in-app purchase option, which is very popular with gaming Can Earn From The Mobile App.
A very simple way to earn money from the app is to do Advertisements using different ad providers like Google Admob. In-app ads, for example, work well if the app is used regularly.
In-app advertising, in-app purchases, and freemium are great options. Still, for developers who have recent or occasionally used apps, these options don’t always produce good results.
 Before monetizing your app, you need to get a large number of users. One way to attract users to your app is to influence marketing.
Provides companies like:
A complete marketing promotion complex to promote your app. It provides both installation and reviews.
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It completely depends on the active user and the location of the active user. The users are from the US and Europe, you can earn good money.
The reasons behind this are very simple. The ads are shown in the USA can give you good money.

Let’s say you have a total download user: 100,000

Active user: 30-40% (the app always has a large number of active users) means 30,000-40000.

Suppose one user sees 10 ads per day means that 40,000 * 10 means a total of 400,000 or 300,000 ads are seen.

Consider that the average click-through ratio is 1%.  It means 1% of users will click on the ads so We consider 4000 clicks per day.

Monthly Revenue: – If each CPC ad pays $ 0.01, then 4000 * 0.01 becomes $ 40per day. So its 1200 per month.

Return per month: $ 1200* 12= $ 144,000

Contact us for creating your own app on the play store or app store.

If your app is free, you might be more likely to earn more ads earning as 100K people will pay you.

If a user uses your app for about 15 seconds a day, you shouldn’t develop the app to get started with it or make it a paid app for $ 1, or 100K downloads = $ 100K. You want an app that people use regularly and spend an increasing amount of time on.

If the app downloads 100k, then active installs can range from 30k to 40k (people keep your app on the device). If your app is perfect, 10k-15k users can unlock your app daily.

Next, geographic location is the main factor for revenue. If 10,000 daily users open your app from Tier 1 countries like UK, USA, etc., you can make at least $ 50 per day.

Things That Play A Role in Making Money

The main source of income is ads on the apps.

Below are the main things you need to consider,

  • The ad networks that you choose for your app.
  • The shape of the ads you place.
  • User base as the more active user, the more ads they can see.
The amount of time the user spends on your app advertisers pay more for installs or impressions in top-notch countries like:
  • United States of America
  • Western Europe
  • Japan

Now let’s dive into more deeply. How you can earn from mobile apps.

8 Ways To Make Money From Android Apps on Google Play

There are a variety of different strategies for Android app downloads to earn money.
These different strategies are integrated within the Android app to maximize revenue.
Check out these strategies and apply them to your application.
You can use one or many strategies at the same time in your Android app to make profits. Details of these strategies are as follows.

Use in-App Purchase

In App Purchase
In App Purchase
Most of the game apps on the Google Play Store include the use of the in-app purchase.
In-app purchase is a compelling option available for developers to integrate it into their Android apps.
The in-app purchase option works so that some special features or functions are offered in the app that requires money.
To access special features and functions, users use different payment methods to make the purchase and get the required items within the earn for downloads.
In this way, revenue is earned from apps. Ensure that the functionality in in-app purchase improves customer satisfaction and app engagement.
Finally, One of the most popular examples of in-app purchases is Candy Crush. This game generates around $ 800,000 a day with the help of in-app purchases.

Use of in-App Ads

Android app downloads
Android app downloads
In-app advertising is another solid option that can be used to Earn From The Mobile App.
Various companies offer in-app purchases. These companies use various forms which are used for advertisement.
The main providers of the ads in the mobiles are as given below,
  • Google Admob
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • Unity Ads.
  • Leadbolt
  • MoPub
  • Appodeal
  • Epom Apps
  • TapJoy
  • PubMatic
One of the popular models is known as the cost per click ad model. The partner firm usually requires a small commission from advertising.
One of the basic rules for using in-app ads is to use relevant ads that match your app’s content.

Try To Use An App Subscription Form

In app subscriptions
In app subsciptions
Using the in-app subscription model has proven a huge success for many companies. Netflix is ​​an example of a company based on a subscription model.
Try to present research content and materials to the target audience that show some real value.
Try to create interesting content so that users want to spend more time on earn for downloads.
By engaging the audience is using your app, you can generate revenue from your app.
Finally, so using your app’s subscription form can be a great way to earn money from Android app downloads.

Try To Create An Android App That Works On Multiple Android Devices

Android app downloads

Imagine you have created an application, and it only works on cell phones.

Sure, you will lose users who use the apps on their desktop and tablet devices.
One simple solution to increase your app’s audience is to make the app compatible with different Android devices.
Please create your own app so that its graphics and other assets are compatible with running on multiple Android devices regardless of size, resolution, and versions.

Find A Sponsor For Your App

Android app downloads

Using sponsorship for Android app is also a smart way to make money from apps.
To use sponsorship, you have to find a company or brand that uses a similar app as yours in the Android Market.
After researching the company, you get sponsored, and the customers of your company will increase.


Android app downloads


This liquefaction style is entertaining. The Freemium model includes how different companies offer advanced versions of mobile applications to their target audience.
In this way, users will spend an amount of money on the application. Freemium is one of the most profitable and reliable ways to make money from apps.
 The basic idea behind this freemium is that the app’s basic premium features remain locked down and only unlock for people who want to spend real money on features.

Look Out For Your Competitors

Android app downloads

First, In the world of Android apps, there are various competitors in the Android market.
To make an app successful, must research the competitive apps competing with your app on the Play Store.
To achieve success among various competitors, it is necessary to create applications with attractive and unique features that are new to the target audience.
Create such new features for your application, which are very useful to the users and interest of the users using the Can Earn From The Mobile App.
Doing proper research of competitors and creating an app that remains ahead of the competition is a surefire way to make money publishing the app on the Play Store.

Invest Your Time Searching For Profitable Categories Of Android App

Android app downloads

One of the most important points in creating an app is to make sure that there is a need for that app in the market.
If you create an app without a target audience, there is no way such an app can succeed.
Finally, Before creating an app, it is imperative to invest time and do proper research in researching a profitable niche for the Android market. Some of the popular categories of profitable Android apps are:
  • Social media applications
  • Music-related apps
  • Applications intended for entertainment purposes
  • Toys
  • Business and finance applications


To make money from the Play Store by creating and publishing an Android app, it is important to create an app with real value.
A successful Android application can be created by searching for suitable competitive applications and profitable areas in the Android market.
Various strategies can be used to generate income from Android applications.

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