Smartron launches tbike flex electric cargo bike

Electric vehicle manufacturer Smartron India on Wednesday launched a tbike flex electric cargo in the market. Along with this, the company has also introduced a cargo delivery platform for the delivery and connectivity of goods.
This bike launched in the market at a price of Rs 40,000 and this bike is suitable for carrying goods and cargo up to 40 kg. Smartron has given information about this e-bike in a statement.

Smartron says the tbike flex comes with high-density tappable Li-ion battery packs with a claimed lifecycle of around 1.5 lakh km. Substantially lowering the fee of ownership, operational upkeep, and carbon footprint.

Tbike flex comes with some segment-first features such as high-density shower packs with an upper lifecycle of virtually 1,50,000 km. This enables local wordage systems to function and maintain timelines.

tbike flex electric cargo India

The velocipede has a minimalistic and functional design, promising repletion while spending long hours on the saddle. The cargo-carrying container design is flexible and can customize equally to the operator’s requirement. The portability of the lithium shower empowers the riders to clock uneaten miles.

Tbike flex is a perfect cargo supply platform for the fast and well-timed supply of meals, groceries, and variegated items.

Amazing Feature of tbike flex electric cargo bike:

1. Combine features of a robust cargo bike with futuristic electric, AI, and IoT technologies and comes with many custom-made accessories.

2. Custom-made features are perfectly suited for carrying heavy items and cargo up to 40kgs within the city while being easily maneuverable in congested traffic, minimal parking footprint.

3. Cargo carrying container design is flexible and can customize according to the operator’s requirement.

4. It Can achieve 25kmph and has a range of between 75 – 120 km per charge depending on the model.

5. Rider license and vehicle registration are not required, so it is accessible to more cargo delivery staff

6. Comes with some segment-first features such as high-density tappable battery packs with a high lifecycle of around 1,50,000 km.

7. Confirm accurate data through its smart and intelligent tronX platform.

8. The robust, minimalistic, elegant, functional, and ergonomic design suited for effortless long rides.

9. Significantly reduces the cost of ownership transportation, operational maintenance, and carbon footprint.

tbike flex electric cargo India

Additional Information:

Moreover, the company says that a portable lithium battery has used in this e-bike, which gives the scooter a range of 75 to 120 km on a full charge and has a  speed of 25 km per hour.

Tbike Flex Logistics Partners, operated by Tronex, will prove to be very useful for e-commerce companies and food delivery operators. It can provide easy integration into companies’ IT systems.

Apart from this, this e-bike also offers customized fleet and rider management features, which facilitates real-time business intelligence. These features help e-bikes cover the distance.

However, from this, features such as geofencing, remote lock and unlock, and integrated T-Care have also provided in this e-bike. Mahesh Lingareddy, founder and president of Smetron India, has informed us about this e-bike.

He added that “TronX is a native AIOT platform that enables a number of smart and intelligent features for Fleet owners, riders, and delivery operators.” Anoop Nishant, founder, and MD of Tronex Motors was also present during this period.

tbike flex electric cargo India

Anoop Nishant said that “the design and Smartron Tronex-powered Teabike Flex in India is a futuristic bike design for different cargo needs and offering a comfortable riding”.

Let’s have a look at another Bike Name “tBike One Pro”

Smartron India has unveiled its flagship crossover smart e-bike, the tbike One Pro, to write the growing B2B e-bike segment in India. The tbike One Pro will be offered as part of Smartron’s strategic tie-up with BLive, a travel tech platform that offers experiential tours on electric bikes.

Smartron will be providing customized smart deject nonfluctuating e-bikes wideness 14 cities. The tbike One Pro has been designed to serve logistics and leisure businesses such as resorts, ride-share, e-commerce, wordage platforms, e-pharmacies, and e-groceries.

The ‘tbike One Pro’ is an intelligent and nonfluctuating e-bike that is unique and revolutionary with an enriching commute wit for the riders. It is simple and easy to operate and helps users to navigate through the hustle and precipitants of the municipality as well as in the countryside. We see it offering tremendous value for last-mile connectivity. We take tremendous pride in having designed and engineered in India for India and the world.

Furthermore, we intend to roll out increasingly EV products powered by tronX platform serving last-mile connectivity needs. The first generation tbike One has found a home both in India and outside India in countries like Bhutan, Mexico, and the USA,” said Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder and Chairman, Smartpro.

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