Top Private Space Agencies

In this article, we will list for you the top private space agencies. And their bold missions in the industry, which got them their fame.
On 20 July 1969, Apollo 11 took the flight for the mission to land on the moon. And it was the first time, will all the limited resources, NASA conducted the mission.
And that was also the date when the race for space began. Cut to 2021, now space is getting commercialized. Many private companies are entering this industry, funded by the greatest minds and wealth. And, with this, the space race has entered its next phase.
Now, with the availability of advanced technology, the industry of space tourism and exploration is also getting cheaper. And soon, we the common citizen will be able to enjoy a trip to the moon or mars.

Privatization of Space

Earlier only a government had that kind of fund to invest in a space mission. And, only a handful of countries had that kind of capability. Therefore, from 1960 to 2000, we have seen very slow progress.
Now with the growth in private wealth, the brave and bright minds are taking the torch of the human-race further.
Basically, two industries are emerging in the space sector-
  1. Space Exploration- Companies that are operating to conduct space exploration missions. For example, the Mars mission, deep space mission, etc.
  2. Space Tourism- Companies are operating to develop and provide tourism services, to the common citizen, of space. For example, a tour of the Space-Station, Moon, and Mars.

Top Private Space Agencies

Following are the top space agencies, which made news with their courageous space missions.


Elon Musk founded the company in 2002. He was the first mover in the industry. The company got its fame when on 31 May 2020, its spaceship, the Crew Dragon, carried two astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station). The used Falcon rocket. Which is capable of vertical landing, making it reusable.
And for the future, can have planned even a bolder move. They are planning a manned mission for Mars, collaborating with NASA.

Blue Origin

Blue Origin
Blue Origin
The founder of Amazon, and the richest person on the planet, founded the company in 2000. Blue Origin is also known for its reusable, vertical-landing rockets, just like Falcon of SpaceX. The company is more focused on space tourism, rather than space exploration like the competitors.
The spacecraft New Glenn will take people and payloads to the Earth orbits and other on contract missions.
Now Blue Origin is working on the human landing system for the lunar surface- Artemis. Moreover, NASA is heading the Project. And also, on this project companies like Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper, are also working with the Blue Origin team.

Virgin Galactic

 virgin galactica
Virgin Galactica
The founder of the Virgin conglomerate group- Sir Richard Branson, added Virgin Galactic in 2004. Richard Branson is being considered a very audacious Businessman. And, he certainly took a very bold decision, by founding the Virgin Galactic.
Like Blue Origin, the company is also focused on space tourism. On Nov 5, 2020, Virgin Galactic executives said that the company is ready to begin a final series of test flights of its SpaceShipTwo suborbital vehicle. And with this, the company attempts to move into commercial operations in 2021.

Scaled Composites

scaled composites
scaled composites
In 1982, Burt Rutan founded the company. Spaced Composites achieved their success in this industry on 21 June 2004. When they launched a manned spacecraft-‘SpaceShipOne’, to cross the Kármán line. Kármán line is the accepted point of entry to space.
SpaceShipOne is also a reusable spacecraft.
After this launch, SpaceShipOne won $10 million in Ansari X Prize. Moreover, the co-founder of Microsoft- Mr. Paul Allen, funded the project from a venture named Tier One. 

Bigelow Aerospace

Bigelow Aerospace
Bigelow Aerospace
Robert Bigelow, in 1998, founded the company. Mr. Robert Bigelow is a hotel magnate. And, with Bigelow Aerospace, he wanted to provide a low-cost living, working, and storage infrastructure in space tourism.
The company is working on projects that create habitats. And, after deploying in the space, it can expand. The company executives explained that this will provide protection from solar and cosmic radiation, space debris, and other foreseeable dangers of the open space.
In April 2016, the company deployed a module outside the ISS. 

Sierra Nevada Corporation

John Chisholm founded the company in 1963. The company’s main focus was to help the US government agencies to achieve superiority in both air and space technology.
Sierra Nevada Corporation entered this market, by launching the ‘LIFE’ mission. LIFE stands for Large Inflatable Fabric Environment. As the name itself explains, that it’s a large inflatable fabric compartment. It can fit inside an 18-ft rocket, and after deployment, can expand to 27 ft. in diameter and 27 ft. long.
In their project plan, the company mentions, that the LIFE will have a Laboratory, a microgravity garden, a medical bay, and individual crew quarters, waste management, and a galley. The purpose of LIFE is to host astronauts around the moon, and on deep-space missions


It’s 2021 now, and we have seen many space missions, whether manned or not. And, we have also seen new innovations in space technology. And thus, making the whole space tourism and exploration industry, cheaper with time.
These are unprecedented times. And it’s not going to be long when humanity will also live and prosper out of Earth.
Thank you for reading the article. And, if you liked the read, also see our next article- Best Drones with Camera Under $ 500 For 2021

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