Top Trending Fields of Artificial Intelligence in 2021

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) has been a buzz word since always. In this article, we will discuss what is AI and ML. And also, what are the top trending fields of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

It is a whole subject in itself. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science. And, which in itself contains a lot of sub-fields.
Artificial Intelligence deals in making machines capable of performing tasks that in general requires human intelligence. And with that being said, it is simply a combination of complicated statistics formulas and algorithms.
Whereas, Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It is a method of data analysis. In this, we build a model based on the sample/training data. And then we train this model in order to make predictions. Machine Learning has found very useful in solving complicated mathematical problems.

Top Trending Fields of Artificial Intelligence

Following are the top 3 fields of AI. And, which happens to have a large market share of AI, as compared to the remaining others.

Voice Recognition

Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition
It is one of the special branches of AI from under its broad umbrella. But, with the advancement in machine learning, voice recognition is also seeing a good development.
We saw voice recognition technology in Siri, the voice assistant software of Apple. And, since then we fall in love with technology. Now, as the AI community grew, many developers are shifting towards AI.
Therefore, to use this powerful technology many powerful open-source libraries are available in the market. One of them is the ‘SpeechRecognition’ of Python. Click here to know more.


Voice/ Speech recognition is an AI-powered technology to convert spoken words to text. And then, performs an action after analyzing the text.

How it Works-

First, the software takes the recording of the speech. And then, breaks it into small packets of individual sounds. Then, with the help of the algorithms, it tries to match with the sound of that particular language. Thus, finally converts it into a text.
And it employs NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand what action to perform.


Siri of Apple, Cortana of Microsoft, Google Assistant of Google, and any voice search service, are all software that uses voice recognition technology.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Computer vision probably has got more traction than any other from the list. You may have heard of self-driving cars. They employ computer vision. A real-life example is Tesla Cars. Tesla Car is possibly the safest self-driving car out in the market. And many other big IT companies are already working on it.
According to a report of the market share of computer vision technology to grow at a rate of 7.8%. Which will be for the period of 2019-2024. From USD 10.9 billion to USD 17.4 billion.
The reason for the growth is more and more companies are taking interest in this technology. And making AI models are getting easier. So, now even a small company can also produce scalable computer vision services.
OpenCV is the popular library for computer vision. Click here to know more.


Computer Vision, also commonly referred to as CV, is a branch of AI. It enables programs to identify and process images. That is, mimicking the way human sees and perceives the surrounding with our vision.

How it works-

The software takes an image/ video as input. And according to the different types of methods, the software groups the pixels. Then it matches with the already available images in the database. Moreover, bit by bit it recognizes the different parts of the image/ video.


One use-case of computer vision is self-driving cars, which I have already mentioned above. However, computer vision technology is penetrating in many sectors.
Like, in the case of transportation, cameras at tolls use computer vision. For instance, it can note down the vehicle number, vehicle type, and color.
And in the smartphone market, the cameras of smartphones are AI-powered. It helps, to generate high-quality images, even if captured in low-light. In fact, face-recognition also uses this technology.

Natural Language Processing

It is more popular with its abbreviation- NLP. And, NLP is also no less as compared to the 2 above listed. Companies, both small and big, are using NLP enabled software in their business.
You may have seen a chatbot and might have conversed with it. If not, then try the ‘Google Virtual Assistant’, that you already have on your smartphone. It is AI-powered and gives reply using NLP.
According to the global market of NLP to reach USD 27.6 billion by 2026, from USD 9.9 Billion. And, with a growth rate of 18.6%.


NLP is a field of AI, to recognize the intent and emotion behind a written script. And with the combination of voice/speech recognition, we can also analyze the audio.

How it works-

NLP employs a combination of a dozen of techniques. First, the program breaks the text into smaller segments, called semantic units. And then it filters outs the transition words and the words that add no unique information. After this, it recognizes nouns, verbs, adverbs, and pronouns.
Finally, after the above pre-processing process, the data goes to the AI model to train it. Therefore, this way a computer can find the intent and emotions behind a text. And can give the right reply. As if a human is talking.


Yes, software like Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google assistant uses NLP with voice recognition. And that’s why they are able to give smart replies.
Also in the category of chatbots, Ruuh of Microsoft and Manychat are some of the best ones.

Humanoid Robotics

Humanoid Robots
Humanoid Robots

If you are not someone who lives under a rock, then you might know Sophia. Sophia is a humanoid robot. She is the first robot to get the citizenship of Dubai, 3 years ago. And made several headlines after this.

However, Asimo is the most advanced humanoid robot. Developed by Honda Motor Corporations, to help the elderly.


This kind of robot is built to mimic the human body. The purpose of these robots is to socialize with humans. And/or to do the physical tasks that can only be done by a human.

How it works-

Humanoid robots exploit different fields of AI. It uses neural-networks for cognitive and motor functions. Computer vision for object recognition. And NLP to talk like humans.


Sophia and Asimo are at top of the list. However, Sophia is developed to interact with humans exactly like humans. While Asimo is developed to give the company and help elderly citizens.

Other than this, there is T-HR3, which mimics the behavior of the person opposite to it. Then there are Agility Robots used in the factory settings. To pick-up boxes just like any human factory-worker would do.

Click here to see the top 10 humanoids of 2020.


With time we are seeing many wonders of technology and many advancements. And, do not get stuck in the popular paradigm, that AI is evil or will beat humans. AI is to help the human race.
Furthermore, I would also like to add that in 2019 and 2020, AI developers were some of the highest-paid developers. And the gap of these developers is still not filled. So, this is the right time to work in this field.
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